Hi, I'm Stefan,

an Illustrator and Historical Fencer from Germany.


A Brief CV

I studied communication design in Berlin/Germany and worked seven years as an infographic designer and 3d artist. Today I'm focused on illustration and architecture visualization.


The Artwork

As you may have seen already in the artwork section of this website, I use my visual art to present HEMA to the public in a modern and engaging way. Here you can check out the website I designed for my HEMA club: INDES — Historische Fechtkuenste e. V.


A Historical Fencer

As a Historical Fencer, I've practiced Ringen, Dagger, Langmesser and Sword & Buckler over the last couple of years, but am most focused on the Longsword in the Lichtenauer tradition and Joachim Meyer's Description of the Art of Fencing.  You can find me as a HEMA instructor at monday's INDES longsword class and from time to time as a public speaker at events where we are showcasing HEMA.